Monday, January 31, 2011

Game of Skill and Strategery

I hosted my home game this weekend.  One of the regular players offered to stake my oldest to play.  I knew his objective was to take all the boy’s chips for himself.  I offered to let him do it but only if the boy played at a different table.  I was rejected.

I assume the day will come that I will allow my boys to play but not before I have improved their pokers skills to the point where they would not be dead money.  Duh.

Between running big hands into hands that out flopped me and just playing badly I was the first person out at the final table.  There is usually one epic hand at my home game and this last game was no exception.  Two players were busted by a third – all of them flopped a flush!  45dd v 67dd v A8dd.  Rigged. Totally rigged.  Just ask Lightning; he swears my game is rigged, too.


lightning36 said...

I love playing in your home game, but you need lessons on rigging it. YOU are supposed to win!

gadzooks64 said...

You aren't kidding. I'm usually on the losing end of that deal.