Sunday, January 16, 2011

PokerSlut Tour

There is no PokerSlut Tour game tonight because I’m being a total degenerate at the Harrah’s in St. Louis.  If I run QQ into a set of 6s one more time I might have to beat the shit outta the douchebag I see with Dr. Dre headphones.


jamyhawk said...

How did Harrah's treat you?

By the way, my annual charity tournament is coming on March 5th. Thought I would mention it to you in case you can make it this year.

Details are here:


gadzooks64 said...

Harrah's was up and down but we had a great time.

I had a friend play your tournament last year. He said great things about it. I will have to check the calendar and see if I can make it.