Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I took advantage of the opportunity to have a dinner out with my family tonight which caused me to join tonight's WBCOOP event late.

I walked in the door and heard the telltale sounds from my netbook. I had left PokerStars running. I opened the lid of the netbook and click the I'm Back button even though I needed to run my son to the pool for practice. I folded the first hand but found myself with playable cards the next hand.

Hand info:

Date:2011/01/25 18:39:52 CT [2011/01/25 19:39:52 ET]
Type:Tournament (339187690)
Game:Hold'em NL
Table:'339187690 32' 9-max

Table info:

Seat 1: blackcat770 ($2,762)
Sitting out
Seat 2: AbsolutHam ($2,690)
Seat 3: PackoTaylor ($1,778)
Seat 4: N0sferatv ($8,481)
Posts small blind $25
Seat 5: lorenzo570 ($749)
Posts big blind $50
Seat 6: cyppokerstar ($3,175)
Seat 7: gadzooks64 ($2,740)
Seat 8: Peter23777 ($2,985)
Seat 9: keksen ($3,750)
Dealt to gadzooks64

Preflop: (Pot: $75)

RAISE gadzooks64, to $150
FOLD Peter23777
FOLD keksen
FOLD blackcat770
FOLD AbsolutHam
FOLD PackoTaylor
FOLD N0sferatv
FOLD lorenzo570
RAISE cyppokerstar, to $3,175 and is ALL-IN
CALL gadzooks64, $2,590 and is ALL-IN
RETURN cyppokerstar, $435

Flop: (Pot: $5,505)

Turn: (Pot: $5,505)

River: (Pot: $5,505)


SHOWS cyppokerstar

SHOWS gadzooks64

cyppokerstar wins the pot of $5,505 with two pair, Aces and Queens
I wonder if I couldn't have just blinded into the top 200. It certainly would have been more enjoyable.

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