Friday, April 15, 2011

PokerSlut Tour on Hiatus

Until the legal issues between the U.S. government and the major online poker outlets are resolved the PokerSlut Tour will be on hiatus.

I had requested a cash out from Full Tilt late in March when I knew I would be moving the Tour to PokerStars.  In the mean time I turned some FPPs into $90 and today I got notice of a $6 affiliate payment. 

I had debated about ending the Tour after season XX but the PokerStars Home Game made me reconsider.  Now the decision has been made for me.

I went ahead and asked for a cash out from PokerStars.  My request went through without any problems but who knows if it will actually happen.

Because my balance on Full Tilt is less than $100 they requested that I contact their people.  Can’t wait to hear what they have to say after they finish with the 123908709846 people in front of me in the withdrawal queue.

RIP online poker.  You will be missed.


Memphis MOJO said...

GL getting your money. My guess is that you will, but it will take a while.

Anonymous said...

have you considered other us-friendly sites? full tilt and Pstars arent the only 2 available to ppl living in US

fadingpaint said...

hope you get the cash back, such a terrible turn of events in the US