Monday, April 04, 2011

PokerSlut Tour Razz

Warning: Shameless self-aggrandizement ahead.

The PokerSlut Tour lost some players in the move to PokerStars but I think they will eventually find us again.  I have to admit that I am less than thrilled when Sunday rolls around and I have to deal with all the PokerSlut business. 

Luckily, last night’s turnout was bolstered by CK and her friend, Blakwingbrd – we had a whopping 7 runners for Razz. 

While I wasn’t exactly trying to dump my chips off as early as possible (which, sadly, I have been known to do on occasion) I wasn’t exactly playing my A game.  I was surfing and goofing off.  I chipped up then back down.  How I managed to make it into the money is beyond me.  I think it was more a matter of others playing big pots and going out before me than me doing anything remarkable. 

Once it got down to Heffmike and me, well, that’s when I was really regretting handing out so many chips to start with.  I knew this wasn’t going to end any time soon.  AND, unlike FTP, PokerStars doesn’t have a chop option readily available. 

I was able to pick up some hands and run a couple bluffs while Heffmike wasn’t being his usual cardrack.  To be honest I just ran better.

I was channeling my inner Blazman when I led out on the river here: “Please fold! Please fold!”


Seat 2

Seat 5


  • 3rd Street (60, 2 players)
  • Hero is dealt
  • s2 cA s4
  • heffmike is dealt
  • s3 s3 s3
Hero bets 150, heffmike raises to 300, Hero raises to 450, heffmike calls 150
  • 4th Street (960, 2 players)
  • Hero is dealt
  • s2 cA s4 h3
  • heffmike is dealt
  • down down s3 s5
Hero bets 150, heffmike calls 150
  • 5th Street (1,260, 2 players)
  • Hero is dealt
  • s2 cA s4 h3 c3
  • heffmike is dealt
  • down down s3 s5 dK
heffmike checks, Hero checks
  • 6th Street (1,260, 2 players)
  • Hero is dealt
  • s2 cA s4 h3 c3 hA
  • heffmike is dealt
  • down down s3 s5 dK sA
heffmike checks, Hero bets 300, heffmike calls 300
  • 7th Street (1,860, 2 players)
  • Hero is dealt
  • s2 cA s4 h3 c3 hA d3

heffmike checks, Hero bets 300, heffmike folds

It’s not often you can win a Razz hand with a full house.

Don’t be bashful.  Get back into the habit of playing the PokerSlut Tour on Sunday nights.  We don’t bite….. much.


Rakewell said...

Where did you find a hand history converter for razz?

gadzooks64 said...

Rakewell, That's from

I just copied the text and pasted it into my post. Some places do that well, others, notsomuch.

Memphis MOJO said...

I tried to find your game last night, but wasn't able to. Do I have to sign up for home games first or something?

gadzooks64 said...

Memphis! Yes, you need to register with the home game.

Fire up the PokerStars client, then select the Home Game tab. Put in the PokerSlut Tour number: 332645. The Code: imapokerslut.

I thought I had changed all the graphics but I see that I didn't. I will have to get busy fixing that.

Memphis MOJO said...

Did it, you should be getting the application.

gadzooks64 said...

You're in! Although, I was surprised that I didn't get an email from PS before I approved you. Usually they ship off an email quickly.