Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The local school district started using an online grading program a few years ago.  Too bad it sucked.  Last year they upgraded to PowerSchool.  Which rocks my world.

At least once a week I login to check on my boys’ grades.  It’s amazing how much leverage you have as a parent when you have up to the minute grade information.  My boys are familiar with the insta-ban on TV and computer resulting from poor grades.

We gave the boys the password so they could check their grades themselves.  What a huge motivator that was.  This system even lets us sign up for daily or weekly email updates. 

I’ve seen my boys dig themselves quite the hole at the beginning of a grading period only to salvage an A by the time the final grade is posted.  I can even tell if an assignment was turned in late or not at all.  Let’s just say there are no surprises come the end of the semester.  What a relief.

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