Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some Mac Chat

It has been ages since I’ve posted a Mac chat.  He’s changed jobs and we don’t chat nearly as much as we once did.  There are days when I could sure use some Mac to cheer me up.

Today we had a little chat.  Here’s a snippet:

Zooks64: you have too many (kids) for me to remember
Zooks64: how do you keep them all straight?
Mac: We make them wear name tags
Zooks64: tattoos
Zooks64: forehead
Zooks64: think about it
Mac: Did
Mac: Apparently there are 'laws'
Zooks64: pffft

So there’s 30 seconds you’ll never get back.



Memphis MOJO said...


gadzooks64 said...

It's been quiet around here since the kids got out of school and poker went under.

Thanks for stopping by MOJO!

am said...

I have really loved my Mac since I bought it last year.