Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So, yeah, I've been a lazy bum this entire summer.

It is hard to break out of that habit of being a bum.  I'm still struggling with it even with the kids in school freeing up a lot of my time.  Well, that's sort of a fallacy since they weren't that much more time consuming over the summer than they are now since they spent much of their time in front of their computers.

So where does 'novelty' come into play???

I have passed a few articles in my reader touting the 'new' Blogger.  New Blogger.  Two words you don't often see together.  Heck, I even saw pictures of the 'New Blogger'.  So the novelty of trying this brought me over here.

It is definitely starker than what I am accustomed to, but I have been using Windows Live Writer for a while now so any improvements to Blogger would have been a big change to me. I was never a fan of the Blogger posting template.  But, this does seem to be an improvement.

It probably isn't enough to get my blogging on a regular basis again.  Heck, Windows Live Writer is a WYSIWYG editor and that didn't inspire me to ramble so why would this?

So much has been going on in the Poker World, my real life, and just the world in general but I'm just blase' about it all.  Every now and then I run a few lines through my head thinking they would be a great seed for a blog post but then it flits right out of my (now blonde) head never to be heard from again.  I blame my hair dresser.


am said...

Hair dresser...what do you have, a beehive, a bouffant?

gadzooks64 said...

So you're saying you don't have a hair dresser?

You let your hair go out nekkid!?!??!

Anonymous said...

You should host a poker game to consume your free time

gadzooks64 said...

Hahahah! You aren't the only one to suggest that.

I got an earful of that at Wednesday's cash game - that you didn't go to!