Monday, April 30, 2012

Mac Chat

If you didn’t watch the video in my last post, well, wtf are you waiting for???

Zooks64: hi
Zooks64: lar
Zooks64: i
Zooks64: ous
Zooks64: I am supposed to be shopping on Crutchfield but I was sidetracked

MacAnthony: I have no idea what that was
Zooks64: the book is about a bdsm relationship
MacAnthony: OK
MacAnthony: One of your favorites?
Zooks64: just now reading it but, no, not necessarily
Zooks64: it started out as fan-fic for the Twilight series

MacAnthony: Hated twilight
Zooks64: yeah I read the books because XX was reading them but not a huge fan of that
MacAnthony: I almost want to watch it now that I heard Bella dies though
Zooks64: this book is along those lines but with sex
MacAnthony: Gives me something to look forward to
Zooks64: you mean gets turned?
Zooks64: cause she doesn't really die
Zooks64: fyi
Zooks64: spoiler alert

MacAnthony: Fuck
Zooks64: yeah
Zooks64: doh
Zooks64: you're welcome

MacAnthony: There was some image on reddit that said she died
MacAnthony: And I thought, finally something good
Zooks64: yeahnotsomuch
Zooks64: but you keep believing that


am said...

Who are you and why did you hijack a dead blog? And where are the naked feet?

Zooks64 said...

Patience young jedi...

am said...

Sigh, I actually went over and re-read the posts on the Roccopalooza on the Pokersluts blog. Hard to believe that was 2008.