Thursday, January 24, 2013

Google Voice

Like most people, I was all oooh, aaaah when Google Voice came along.

I’m not sure when I picked up number but I had it for a long, long time before I did anything with it.

Then came the day when the school tried to call me and I didn’t get the message. Suddenly I realized that I could connect my home and cell phones to the Google Voice number and give that number out for those times I really REALLY want to get the call. This should guarantee that I never miss another important call.

Plus, I get to choose which line I answer the call with. If I’m at home I pick that up instead of the cell. If I’m out running around I get the call on my cell. It works like a charm.

If you carry multiple phones or if you move a lot and don’t want to be constantly handing out a new phone number then Google Voice is the way to go. One number forever. Forever!

I’ve slowly been changing my number with everybody. My in-laws can reach me anytime, anywhere… hmm, maybe not such a good idea after all. I kid – I love my in-laws dearly.

The plumber, the kids’ schools, my doctor’s offices. It is so much easier to not have to check my voice mail. Of course, Google Voice does voice mail – they even transcribe messages for you and send an email of message content. But, I don’t use them for voice mail.

Perhaps the thing that really sold me on Google Voice was the ability to block calls. No more messing with Credit Card Services (those assholes are constantly calling my home number, sigh) or any other unwanted callers.

So far I haven’t gotten any spammers calling my Google Voice number but I may have registered it on the national do not call registry so I can’t vouch for that.

I don’t even use all of Google Voice’s features but I’m thrilled with it so far. The next time you find yourself having to get a new phone number you should think about trying out Google Voice. It will be the last time you have to change numbers.


am said...

Wow, it took me almost a week to figure out you were back from Dayton.

Zooks64 said...

Har har!

Time change still messing with you???


am said...

Yeah, it was pretty nice in terms of watching TV -- especially sporting events, to be on Central time. Those 9 pm start times for football games on the East coast are brutal when you have to work the next day.